Pictured L-R Andrew Tobin, Gunter Bayer Paul Delahunty

Irish ’private cloud’ company, Stryve, has signed a three year contract with Zevas Communications, a leading customer-contact solutions provider.

Established in 2001, Zevas Communications has customers across Europe, Asia and North America, serving a range of industries including telecommunications and financial services. Zevas provides sales, Customer Experience and contend moderation using innovative technology and a ‘customer first’ approach.

With the increasing amount of critical data that the company was storing, it needed to move to a cloud-based solution. Zevas had concerns about moving to a public cloud solution. The nature of a public cloud platform left Zevas open to cybersecurity breaches, something that the company was keen to prevent. Their search for state of the art infrastructure, without the large price tag, led them to Irish private cloud provider, Stryve.

Stryve is growing its reputation as hands-on specialist who tailor their cloud solutions to the bespoke needs of SME’s throughout the UK and Ireland. The growing company, which recently announced 10 additional jobs, deploys cutting edge security technology and cloud solutions with personal access to expert support at an affordable price point, all underpinned by ISO security accreditation and Stryve’s own, secure, state-of-the-art private data centre in Cork.

Stryve designed a tailored private cloud solution for Zevas which offers secure private cloud platform and continuous protection. The company has a track record of zero downtime and offers the flexibility to scale and adapt as Zevas continues to expand, with significant cost savings included.

David Cashman, Chief Commercial Officer with Zevas explains, 

It is rare to find a company that is on the same page about how to do things. I have been following the investment Stryve has made in infrastructure lately and every solution design by  Stryve gives us confidence to partner with them for our storage and security needs.” 

Stryve prides itself on being accessible to its clients, offering a team of experts available at the end of a phone. Clients need to know that they have the IT support and the backup they need 24/7 and that they are not going to get routed to a call centre offshore that only opens during office hours.

Stryve CEO, Andrew Tobin said,

“Companies need the back-up of a flexible, available, adaptable and local team that will tailor services to their bespoke needs as they grow. Stryve has a world-class team from our hub in Carlow and clients can rest assured that they have the IT support and the back-up they need from experts that they can talk to.”

For more see: www.stryvesecure.com   | www.zevas.com