When summer sun equals night-time fun for little ones – it’s time to call on Gro!

Long summer nights are very welcome for most of the population – except for those with small children. Bright nights can quickly turn into late nights for little ones who can’t sleep, and early mornings when children are woken by glorious morning sunshine.  When this happens, mums and dads turn to Gro.

Gro offers two very effective methods of encouraging children to stay in bed when they should be asleep – the Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind is a must-have for home and abroad during the summer months. When flimsy holiday-home curtains don’t cut it for kids, the versatility of this product allows you to easily and conveniently darken any room in a matter of minutes. It fits any window up to size 135cm x 200cm.

This versatile blind fits directly to the glass in minutes using suction cups ensuring a close fit and instantly creating a darkened environment. Once no longer needed the Gro Anywhere blackout blind folds neatly away in its handy travel bag.

The second solution for toddlers and older children is the Gro Clock, which operates on a stars at night, sun by day method, giving small children an easily understandable visual method of telling the time.  The clock face remains blue and the stars go out one by one throughout the night and when morning comes (at an appropriate time set by parents!) – the sun comes up on a yellow clock face indicating to kids that it’s ok to get up! There is a digital display as children get older and want to learn to read the time themselves offering independence to children as they grow up.

This clock is a must for children who don’t understand that 5am is not a good time to rise and for parents who also benefit from a full night’s sleep. The Gro Clock comes with a beautifully illustrated story-book also encouraging children to ‘read’ in bed until it’s time to get up.

Everyone welcomes the summer months, particularly when there are effective tools to deal with the challenges that summer brings at sleeping time. Don’t be caught out this summer. Get your Gro solutions today and feel the benefits from June to September.

Gro products are available at Butterslip, Rose Inn Street, Kilkenny including the very popular range of sleeping-bags and Gro toys and along with a further selection of great brands for babies and toddlers. See www.butterslip.com.