Top Toys to Manage Pets’ Fitness

Petmania has launched its fifth annual Operation TransPAWmation amid evidence that pandemic pets are piling on the pounds. The free eight-week health and wellbeing programme is run online with weekly updates, a food diary, exercise and diet tips plus exclusive advice from small animal Vet, Carol Doyle for those who register for free before March 31st.

Regular exercise is essential to help keep pets fit and healthy. Introducing more activity into their day is an essential part of getting pets back to a healthy weight. Petmania recommends 10-15 interactive play sessions lasting just 2-3 minutes for indoor cats. For dogs the activity depends on their breed and Petmania’s experts have lots of advice available when you sign-up for Operation TransPAWmation.

Petmania is an Irish-owned pet specialist with 12 stores across Ireland and delivery available nationwide from The pet-experts recommend these top toys to help manage your pets activity and maintain a healthy weight at home.

Top Tip: Petmania recommended that you put away your pets toys between play sessions to keep them interested in them.


 M-PETS Yumi Weight Sensor Anti-Scoff Bowl allows pet-owners to accurately weigh pets’ food to help calculate daily feeding amounts. The shapes inside the bowl slows the speed your dog eats to reduce the risk of bloat or indigestion – €29.99


M-PETS Tiger Cat Toy is an interactive toy with a light sensor that makes attractive sounds as the circulating feather tempts the cat for hours of fun – €21.99



SPORTSPET Tennis Ball 12pk are a quality, standard size tennis ball in yellow, the perfect ball for a classic game of fetch –  €10.99




BLUE PAW Teepee Scratcher Brown/Cream  encourages indoor activity, help cats ‘scratching’ urge and improve their overall fitness – €24.99



KONG Gyro Treat Dispenser Large is sure to entertain with irresistible roll and flip action keeping dogs intrigued. With the center spinning orb and static outer ring, this dynamic toy encourages dogs to push, paw and roll the GYRO – €16.99


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