The Pembroke Hotel welcomes Korean Ambassador to the launch of Ireland’s First International Taekwondo Institute

[13.06.2014] The Pembroke Hotel and Guy Jones, Chairman of The Irish Lebanese Cultural Foundation along with a host of local representatives welcomed H.E Hae Yun Park the Korean Ambassador to Ireland, on Thursday, June 12th to celebrate the launch of the International Taekwondo Institute.

Guy , founder of The Kilkenny Taekwondo Club and chairman of the new International Taekwondo Institute also celebrated being awarded a 7th Dan Black Belt Kukkiwon in the Korean martial art. Along with Michael Ho, they are now the first Irishmen to receive this prestigious award which was celebrated at the launch in the Pembroke Hotel.

The Pembroke Hotel manager, Paul Broderick said, “We would like to offer our congratulations to Guy Jones on his recent High Dan Award and wish him continued success with the launch of the International Taekwondo Institute. We were especially delighted to welcome our esteemed visitor, Korean Ambassador to Ireland, Mr Hae Yun Park to the Pembroke Hotel and to Kilkenny City.”

Guy Jones, Founder of The Kilkenny Taekwondo Club commented, “I am thrilled to announce the formation of The International Taekwondo Institute in Kilkenny. Taekwondo is a Korean Martial Art that combines physical and mental strength exercises and teaches the values of Respect, Discipline, Self-Confidence and Honesty. Over 10 years the Kilkenny Taekwondo Club has overseen the training of 300 people in this sport. We are looking forward to further sharing the knowledge of this martial art to put it at the service of a better society.”

The International Taekwondo Institute is affiliated to The Irish Taekwondo Chungdokwan Association and will deliver fitness programmes through martial arts under the guidance of Guy Jones, a black belt in Taekwondo with twenty-five years of teaching experience. He will also offer special workshops from visiting instructors and participation in Taekwondo championships.

For more information you can contact Guy Jones on guyjonestaekwondo@yahoo.com or visit the city centre boutique hotel at www.kilkennypembroke.com