The Carers Association partners with Healthwave to cut prescription costs in half for family carers

Partnership to result in savings of up to 1,000 Euro per year

A new partnership announced by The Carers Association today will see costly prescription bills greatly reduced for Ireland’s 187,000 family carers and those they care for. The organisation has teamed up with Healthwave, a new Dublin headquartered pharmacy founded to give people access to affordable medication.

The unique initiative will see family carers have free access to Healthwave’s ‘Healthpass’ membership service. HealthPass is Ireland’s first pharmacy subscription service offering member’s savings of 50 per cent on average on prescription medication as well as free nationwide home delivery. Membership also includes access to free 24 hour blood pressure monitoring, a vital service hindered by large waiting lists across the country costing up to €120 in certain clinics. Family carers will also receive 10 per cent off non-medical purchases through the new partnership.

Annette Schiller has just signed up to ‘Healthpass’. Following a breast cancer diagnosis, she has been prescribed medication for the next five years and estimates her savings through the new service will be over €4,800 – 90 per cent of the total costs. A 28 day supply of one of her prescribed medications typically costs €89.99 per month, however with Healthwave’s ‘Healthpass’ service, this medication now costs Annette €9.95 per month for the same supply. This is a saving of €80 per month; €960 per year and €4,800 over the five year course prescribed.

“This is a very welcome initiative for our family carers, particularly in light of the Government’s decision not to reduce prescription charges in Budget 2015” says Catherine Cox, Head of Communications, The Carers Association.

“Not only will family carers be able to significantly save on prescription costs, they will also have access to free delivery, a fantastic service for family carers who are often house bound, as well as free blood pressure monitoring and access to Healthwave’s specialist team for advice and support.”

Healthwave was founded in 2013 by pharmacist, Shane O’ Sullivan, to provide transparent pricing and universal access to affordable medication.

“We are delighted to be partnering with The Carers Association and helping to reduce the burden on their members. Carers regularly manage complex medication regimes for those they care for and also their own families. Healthwave is perfectly positioned to not only reduce the cost of these medications but also to improve accessibility through our home courier service. Like Annette, we have seen many customers save up to 1,000 euro a year through our service.

Healthwave has helped almost 10,000 people cut their prescription costs since launching earlier this year. We are also leading the way with increased compliance. Medications can cost up to seven times more in the Republic of Ireland than they do in Northern Ireland in some pharmacies. High cost is the number one reason people stop taking prescribed medication. Our HealthPass membership has enabled many who had stopped taking their medicines to resume their treatment. Our partnership with The Carers Association will guarantee that thousands will have continued access to cost effective therapy” says Shane O’ Sullivan, Healthwave Managing Director.