Tech start-up launches Ireland’s first game based approach to training

 Bad service experience loses 70 per cent of customers

Tech start-up, JamJou, is launching Ireland’s first application delivering training through game based real-life work scenarios. With economies recovering, companies are back investing in training and JamJou brings a completely fresh approach with proven results.

JamJou applies the use of gaming mechanics to enhance employee engagement with training and retention of information. With 70 per cent of customers no longer using a company after a bad service experience*, JamJou is currently being used for customer service, sales and product training.

It can be used on its own or to complement existing training programmes.

A cloud based system with no requirement for the installation of costly software, JamJou is simple, easy-to-use and one of the first training tools where management have real time access to staff skills assessment.

“I couldn’t find a good product in the market place that really engaged staff and helped training to be retained. Companies using JamJou have found through ‘mystery shopper’ audits that it has made real behavioural changes in customer service, sales and product knowledge” said Jo Brennan, founder of JamJou and former training consultant.

“Clients see JamJou as delivering easy to use, practical, relevant and engaging online training. The fact that it can be used across all mobile devices enables the user to do their training on the move or at home. For the employer, the product is cost effective, can be easily delivered across multiple sites and shows a real return on investment. For those training, it’s fun and engaging and gives users freedom over their own learning on their preferred device.”

Users just log in through a PC, tablet or mobile, like they would Facebook, and start training. JamJou uses interactive gaming features such as animated characters, scenarios, points, badges and leaders boards to engage staff which improves performance. Like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, JamJou closely monitors and tweaks the application to maximise engagement and increase training retention.

With attention spans shrinking in today’s hyper-tech world, JamJou’s training levels can be completed in three to four minutes. Users are retaking levels to improve scores, reinforcing training. Further training levels are released and content refreshed over time to continually drive behavioural change and update workforce knowledge.

Identified as ‘High Potential Start Up’ by Enterprise Ireland, JamJou hopes to capitalise on the rapidly growing gamification and eLearning markets, both set to grow by 37 per cent and 23 per cent respectively by 2020.

Following an initial investment of €100,000, Kilkenny based JamJou plans to grow the business from two to 11 employees over the next three years with expected revenues of €1.5 million, primarily from export to the US and UK markets.

Suited to a range of industries, JamJou has seen initial interest primarily from Hospitality, Retail, Contact Centres and Financial Services sectors. One of the early adopters of this new technology is PREM Group, specialists in managing hotels and serviced apartments with 32 properties spanning Ireland, England and Northern Europe. The group is using JamJou for customer service and sales training in Ireland and the UK, with a rollout to other European countries planned for later this year.

A further 18 companies are trialing JamJou and initial interest is very strong.