A Sligo based company, Dmac Media is the latest to offer its expertise in a bid to help the country’s frontline services meet the demands of the Covid 19 Pandemic.Dave McEvoy from Dmac Media noticed a big change in the business over the last few days. The website developers have received a significant number of requests from pharmacies and GP clients to update their websites to help cope with the unprecedented volume of calls and messages that they are experiencing in light of the current health risk.

Dave and his team decided that their skills would be helpful in these difficult times and have offered to update websites free of charge to all those involved in frontline healthcare. This will make information, forms and contact easier to access from home, for customers who are isolating. The company has offered this service to over 70 existing clients and would like to extend it to healthcare providers across Ireland.

Dave McEvoy, Director of Dmac Media said,“We have had a lot of our pharmacy and GP clients in touch about getting COVID 19 notices on their websites and to get contact forms in place to reduce the pressure on their phone lines. Typical were GPs who wanted to put an information sheet or contact form on their home page, or pharmacies that wanted to make it easy for customers to order repeat prescriptions.”

It takes just a few minutes to fill out a consultation form on the Dmac Media’s website www.dmacmedia.ie/help. The changes will be implemented rapidly and without fuss. The company only require access to the website to make the changes.  The log in details will only be used to implement the changes needed and then destroyed.  All Dmac Media staff are briefed on best practice for GDPR and guarantee that none of your data will be in any way compromised. The company also guarantees that they will destroy any information protected by GDPR and will NOT follow up with a sales call.

Mr McEvoy went on to say,

“We know GP practices and pharmacies are under huge pressure just keeping up with demand and do not have time, or often the expertise, to make these small but important changes to their websites. We are not intending to take business from the regular website developer but in many cases people do not know who to ask for help with their website.  We can do this work remotely and are happy to do this free of charge whilst this crisis continues. We promise there will be no follow up sales call we just want to help in getting accurate information out to the public and hopefully cut the numbers of people needing to walk through your doors. ”

Pharmacies, GP surgeries and other frontline healthcare professionals who wish to avail of Dmac Media’s website development expertise should visit its website and fill in a quick form. The company can implement the changes quickly, and from a remote location. For more information visit www.dmacmedia.ie/help.