SL Controls hosts ‘ECubers’ event for Engineers Week at Sligo IT

As part of Engineers Week 2016, locally based SL Controls hosted a special engineering event for children aged 10 to 13 at Sligo IT on Saturday, March 5th.

SL Controls, founded by Shane Loughlin and Keith Moran in 2002, is an internationally recognised leader in Equipment System Integration and is committed to encouraging an interest in engineering among young people.

ECubers was set up by SL Controls in 2014. Run through Sligo IT, it aims to help foster the technical skills required for a career in engineering – with all-round favourite, LEGO.

Saturday’s event saw over 20 local children come to the ECubers Open Day where they got to put their engineering ideas and skills into practice using LEGO under the expert guidance of SL Controls.

Speaking at the event, Keith Moran, MD of SL Controls said “It’s always great fun to host these open days for young people. It’s amazing to see the interest in putting systems together by using the principles of engineering using LEGO. Ireland has a serious shortage of young people studying engineering and we want to promote the industry and let young boys and girls know that engineering is a great career with fantastic opportunities within Ireland”.

Through ECubers, SL Controls shares its knowledge with young people so everyone can build, program and invent better equipment using the fun, flexible and colourful LEGO TECHNIC and LEGO MINDSTORMS products. With demand increasing for good engineers worldwide, SL Controls are working to ensure Ireland maintains its high standard of education in the field and to attract more students to study engineering.

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