North Monastery Secondary School in Cork has recently fitted RT Smart Data sensors throughout the building to measure CO2, temperature, humidity and to assess Virus Risk in their classrooms.

“We were very concerned that we needed accurate information on Air Quality so that we could ensure that all areas of our school are as safe as possible for students and staff alike.  These sensors give us the information that we need in real-time so that we can assess if there are any conditions indicating virus risk anywhere in the school,” said teacher Jonathan Barry, Transition Year Co-Ordinator, who, along with Claire Dunlea, is in charge of the project for the North Monastery Secondary School.

The school has 320 pupils and 45 teachers so in total a community of about 400 people daily ranging from age 12 to mid-sixties.

RT Smart Data wireless sensors, along with a plug-in connector with an in-built SIM card, allows for easy and quick installation and works independently of the school’s WIFI or IT system. This makes these sensors very easy to install as there is no wiring involved.

RT Smart Data, a Carlow tech company, has fitted similar sensors in many businesses over the past year.

“The pandemic has made people very conscious of their working environment. We have installed sensors in offices, warehouses and factories and are delighted to be doing the same work in schools now. A big plus for businesses and schools is that we can fit the sensors in a few hours and the client is immediately receiving real-time information on the quality ofthe working environment for a monthly support fee,” said Martin Wright, Business Development Manager for RT Smart Data.

“We were aware that in parts of the US it is now mandatory in schools to monitor the working environment and the staff of North Monastery school were quick to see the value of this data,” he continued.

Another important feature for schools is that the sensors can be easily moved within the school so that if there is to be an event in a particular area of the property that is not usually monitored, this is easily catered for.

“I see this as being invaluable when we have to allocate an area for the sitting of Leaving Cert exams in June and get back to having performances and plays in our large assembly hall where there will be parents, teachers and pupils. We will often have evening meeting so the School Administrator always has real-time information and can check all is well early in the morning. Real-time is very important to us, and we loved the fact that it was installed and fully working in about an hour.” said Claire Dunlea, Programme Co-ordinator for the Leaving Cert Applied class.

“It will give us all peace of mind,” she added

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