On the road again? Advice to avoid a ‘ruff’ ride!

With travel restrictions eased around Ireland this week and inter-county travel top of the to-do list now is the perfect time to plan this summer’s hot new travel trend – pet-friendly staycations! With plenty of pet-friendly hotels, BnB and campsites available there is no reason not to take your loyal companion on holidays with the whole family.

 Emily Miller of Petmania said,

“Travelling with your dog on a road trip can be a really fun and exciting experience, both for pet and owner, but it is important to prepare for the journey.”

Petmania’s top tips and advice on travelling with your dog below!

Practise Run

Start by bringing them on shorter journeys to get them used to car travel and car smells. Trips to the local shop, a park or the vets will help them feel comfortable for a longer ride.

 Local Vet

Look into local veterinarian hospitals or clinics within 30 to 60 minutes of your final destination for added peace of mind.

No Large Meals

Petmania recommends not feeding the dog right before you set off on a road trip. Eating a large meal can cause a tummy ache. Do give small treats and plenty of water so they stay hydrated.

Be Equipped

A dog will feel a lot of different emotions on a car journey. Anxious, excited, curious…it is best to be equipped with a travel crate, blankets or car harness to help keep them safe and comfortable.

Take a Break

If the journey is more than an hour, make sure to stop off once or twice for a toilet break to avoid any accidents in the car. Always keep them on a lead, in particular, if you’re near a busy road.

Never leave them in the Car Alone

Don’t leave your dog in the car on his own, especially during the summer months when temperatures inside the vehicle can get really high in a matter of minutes. If you have to leave your dog, always ensure they are with a member of the family, so you can leave the car running or safely roll the windows down.

Petmania’s Top Tip:

Try and tire out your dog before hopping in the car. Run around or bring him on a long walk, he’ll be so tired and sleep the whole way there!

Once you’re in your accommodation, whether it is a pet-friendly hotel or an Air BnB, show him right away where he can go toilet, to prevent any accidents. Relax and enjoy!

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