Recycle your Press Release in 7 Easy Steps

Press Releases for Social Media Management

By Sally Leadbetter

So you’ve crafted the perfect press release, facts and figures double, triple checked. You have distributed it to carefully selected media and followed up with your contacts. So now what?

Is that the end of the life-cycle of a press release? No! While you wait for it to appear in print, on radio and TV, re-use, repurpose and recycle that press release to gain traffic on your website and generate conversations on social media and share, share, share your key messages.

1. Post it on your website

The first point of research for a new clients, journalist or investor will always be your website, so make sure to share your press releases on your website. Furthermore your customers love your product, they are invested in your brand and they want to hear about your business successes, product launches, events and news.

2. Turn it into a blog post

Taking a new slant on your news story and turn your press release into a blog. For example turn your stats into a ‘fun facts’ or ‘frightening facts’ article, create an FAQ blog, write about how you were inspired to design your new range or create a ‘how to’ guide or a top 10 favourites post.

3. Titbits for Twitter

Now get a luminous highlighter pen and go through your press release and blogs. Highlight any quotes, one-liners, statistics, facts plus your key messages. Each of these extracts can be crafted into a tweet. Offer your followers a teaser and link it back to your website.

4. Facebook page post

Each new slant on your press release can become a Facebook post. Keep the text short and snappy, about 50 words and include an image for greater share-appeal! Overlay text on your image to get your key messages noticed, but make sure you stick to Facebook’s 20% of text rule! Always include a link to your blog or website.

5. Say it with Images

Visual information is much more accessible than text. By adding graphics to your story in a slide share, power-point or prezi you are much more likely to convey your message.  Infographics, posters and mood boards are great ways to retell the story behind the press release. Go one step further and create video for Vine or YouTube.

6. Conduct an Interview

You have developments within your company, it’s newsworthy and a lot of consideration has gone into it. Share the process with your audience in an interview. A transcribed interview would make a great read for your customers and offer extra nuggets of information from behind the scenes. A SoundCloud recording would add a little extra and a video would be amazing!

7. Share successes

Finally when the journey of the press release is completed and your news appears in print, on the radio or TV, share your success with your fans and followers. Take a photo of the article to share on social media or attach a link to the radio or TV appearance.

So next time you write a press release, re-use, re-purpose and recycle it to make it work a little harder for your business.

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