23rd May    Left unchecked nature is strictly for the birds

25th April    Feel the fear and don’t do it anyway

19th April    Crisis has shaken us out of our complacency

20th March  You probably know more than you think

14th March  Do we have any of our culture left anymore?

8th March    I am a realist that is trying to stay positive

28th Feb     Can you go green and not get fat?

22nd Feb     My love-hate relationship with self-help books

17th Feb       Living room wall says a lot about who you are

31st Jan       I would like to be around to see Ireland fixed

24th Jan     We all hate litter… except the louts who laugh at us

17th Jan      Listen, do you want to know a secret?

6th Jan        It is 2020 – time to work out my ‘perfect vision year’


1st Dec          ‘Just 30 seconds and I know you already’

24th Nov       Get and early start on just saying ‘no’

18th Nov       ‘Just listen to me and I will give you 20 quid’

11th Nov         Important change in behaviour? Make it public

4th Nov          ‘Don’t you forget about us in rural Ireland’

28th Oct        ‘Buddhism-Lite? I’d rather go out for a long run’

21st Oct          ‘Are you a car horn or could you be a soulmate?’

14th Oct         ‘Try these thoughts on for size. Do they feel comfortable?’

7th Oct           ‘Faraway fields or the green, green grass of home’

30th Sept       ‘I am European, and like you, and Earthling’

23rd Sept       Change your behaviour or stay stupid

9th Sept          I will persevere, anCd do my best to keep on persevering’

9th Sept          San Fran City Break: ‘I can’t think of a single thing it lacks’

2nd Sep           ‘ An open mind – you never know where it will lead’

26th Aug         ‘Roll on my cloud life where I will not be troubled…’

19th Aug         ‘A farm child will see their Confirmation money as seed capital’

19th Aug         ‘Age is just a number. Sadly its getting bigger’ 

5th Aug           ‘Love is no basis for a long and happy marriage’

29th July        ‘Lost lives….Out of sight and out of mind’

22nd July      ‘I’ll tell you what I want what I really, really want’

15th July         These are just a few of my favourite things

8th July           Prepare the vital recipe for life – learn to cook

1st July            Lose your temper, lose the argument and lose respect

24th June       ‘We’re all going on a summer… sorry, a working holiday’

17th June        ‘A celebration to remember… if only we could’

10th June        ‘Why music is the soundtrack to our lives’

3rd June          ‘Are we capable of understanding suicide?’

27th May         ‘Self-centred? Selfish? No I’m really a nice guy’

20th May         ‘To the nth degree I don’t feel proud, I just feel lucky

13th May          ‘How are you in the whole area of self-control?’

6th May            ‘Waking before sunrise awakens a political debate’