Petmania has created the perfect ‘at-home’ pooch pamper

10 steps to a DIY Doggie Day Spa

Trips to the salon are temporarily suspended and whilst everyone’s true hair colour begins to peek out and we master the art of the home spa and mani-pedi, what of our four-legged friends?

Regular upkeep and maintenance of our pet’s coat is essential for their health and hygiene. It removes dead hair and dirt, controls shedding and helps to stimulate the natural oils in your dog’s fur; bringing out its natural sheen. It also helps to avoid matting and prevent related skin problems from developing. Much like their human counterparts, a good grooming session has been shown in studies to improve the mood and demeaner of dogs.

Whilst pet-parents cannot attend regular grooming to care and maintain the health and condition of  their dogs coat and skin Petmania’s professional dog groomers have developed these tips to get you started on a DIY Doggie Spa Day.

  1.  Start your puppy’s pamper session with a walk and uncover some of the sights and smells of your locale.  When walking your dog, try to stick to a concrete surface where possible as this will help to file most of the nails down.
  2. Treat them to a relaxing bath and make sure to use a de-tangling shampoo which repels dirt, adds shine and reduce brushing time by up to 50%. A good conditioner is essential especially in lockdown, choose one which is specially formulated to provide natural relief for skin irritations, while deeply conditioning the hair and coat, reducing tangles.
  3. If your dog’s hair is matted please do not bathe it as this will make the matts worse and more difficult to remove in the long-run. Regular brushing will help to minimise matting, however matting is best removed by a professional dog groomer. Instead go for a waterless shampoo on unmatted areas or use a paw and body wipeto clean your pup’s paws particularly after walks and to freshen up their face, body and booty.
  4. Next brush out tangles and stimulate the animals natural shine. When brushing the coat out at home use a slicker brush and comb or pin brush. A slicker brush will get deep into the dog’s undercoat and help remove dead hairs which can cause matting.
  5. Make sure you don’t neglect the underneath part of the coat. Petmania recommends starting with this area first. Many dogs have a double coat. An undercoat which is a heavy thick coat, to provide warmth and the top coat is a longer, visible part of the dog’s coat. Brushing the top coat, without tackling the undercoat can cause matting to build up which will lead to severe discomfort for your dog.
  6. When finished brushing, run through your dog’s coat with a metal comb or pin brush. You have done a good job if the comb glides through with ease!
  7. Next move on to a paw rub – gently massage a formulated paw-butter into your dog’s paws to soothes and nourish their dry cracked paws.
  8. Finish off the experience with a sweet scent from ‘The PAWfume Shop’ and choose from a range of designer ccents including OpPUMium, Dog in a Million, John Paw Gotae and CKnine.
  9. Now that you pooch is fully pampered give lots of belly rubs, hugs and treats!
  10. Retire them to the relaxation room for a well-earned and restful sleep.

Emily Miller of Petmania Grooming Studio says,

“A DIY grooming session is the perfect time to bond with your pet. Your dog will enjoy the extra attention and look and feel great afterwards! At Petmania our professional dog groomers are trained to care for the more complicated grooming duties like styling, ear-cleaning and skin concerns. We love caring for our four legged clients and we look forward to the day when we can welcome them back to our grooming studios at Petmania. In the meantime our pet experts are on hand in-store to answer any pet-care questions you may have.”

Pet stores are essential retailers. The Irish owned pet-retailer, Petmania, would like to reassure its customers that it will remain open throughout the crisis for essential supplies. It is now offering a carry-to-car-service to help customers get essential health, grooming and nutrition supplies safely without leaving their car. Simply call a local Petmania store to place an order and the staff will deliver to the car and place them in the boot. Petmania encourages all dog-owners to maintain a daily at-home brushing regime to help keep your dog’s coat in good condition, and free from matting until the grooming studios resume.

See: www.petmania.ie