No adoptions and (fur) baby-boom predicted for animal shelters

Petmania launch food appeal and fundraiser for rescue partners

 Animal shelters across the country are struggling in the face of Covid-19. With the current restrictions in place the normal rate of adoption and rehoming is not taking place. Animal rescue centres have predicted a surge in returns of animals following lockdown and a spike in cat and dog litters. Fundraising has ground to a halt adding further pressure to the rescue centres.

The (DAFM) Department of Food, Agriculture and Marine has advised rescue centres to limit the movement of animals which greatly impacts on the shelter’s ability to carry out vital home checks and rehoming of animals whilst in lockdown.

Additionally, the (VCI) Veterinary Council of Ireland has advised vet practitioners to only carry out emergency procedures, which does not include neutering and spaying. Pet Shelters are predicting the measures will result in a surge of unwanted cat and dog litters and increased pressure on the charities limited resources.

Fears are growing amongst the shelter community that new pet-parents, who have adopted an animal during COVID-19 from private breeders whilst working from home, have not fully considered the long term impact of caring for a cat or dog. It is predicting a spike in returns once the restrictions are lifted similar to that seen after Christmas each year.

Rescue centres are facing financial hardship as a result of the Pandemic. While costs continue to mount up, many of the shelters’ flag days, fund raisers and adoption days have been cancelled.

Petmania Ireland launches Food Appeal

Petmania Ireland has launched a Food Appeal to help its seven* struggling rescue partners. Starting on Thursday 30th April, a Food Appeal will be carried out instore and via the pet stores’ ‘carry-to-car’ service. Customers can make a food donation in-store with proceeds going to their local animal shelter. Animal lovers are also encouraged to go to Petmania’s dedicated GoFundMe page via gofundme.com/f/Petmania-Animal-Rescue-Food-Appeal to raise much-needed funds for its shelter partners.

Emily Miller of Petmania Ireland, said,

“We have had a notable increase in enquiries about cat and dog adoption, now that people are at home. We would strongly recommend that families wait until the restrictions have been lifted before welcoming a dog or cat into the family. Animals are the most wonderful companion and we encourage people to fully consider the long-term impact of pet-parenting, and if they will be able to continue to care for their new pet after life returns to normal. If people want to help, they can add an extra bag of food to their in-store or ‘carry to car’ orders, which we will pass on to our animal shelter partners on their behalf. We would be thrilled if customers would consider leaving a small donation on our GoFundMe page for our rescue partners to support their great work.”

Pet stores are essential retailers and Petmania’s 12 stores remain open across the country. It is now offering a carry-to-car-service to help customers get essential health and nutrition supplies safely without leaving their car. Simply call Petmania to place an order. The staff will deliver to the car and put them in the boot – Petmania encourages its customers to add something extra into their order to help support the animal shelters.


Petmania’s animal rescue partners include, Galway Cat Rescue, Protecting Pound Dogs, Kilkenny, ASH Animal Rescue, Carlow, Anabatic Lodge Animal Sanctuary, Tullamore, Sera Husky & Animal Rescue Centre and Kingdom Cat and Dog Rescue, Kerry, LSPCA, Laois and Deel Animal Action Group in Limerick.

For more see: www.petmania.ie | gofundme.com/f/Petmania-Animal-Rescue-Food-Appeal