New Year Free Puppy Classes for New Pet Parents

9,800 dogs entered pounds across Ireland

According to the latest dog control statistics issued by the Government*, over 9,800 dogs entered pounds across Ireland last year. The animals were seized, strays or surrendered to 31 official dog pounds which are run by local authorities.

 In Galway 519 dogs entered the dog pound and of those, 120 were reclaimed or rehomed and a further 353 were transferred to an animal welfare provider. Many more were surrendered into rescue centres. Every year in the weeks that follow the Christmas season, there is a spike in animals being returned to shelters and surrendered to the pound.

 The Irish owned pet retailer Petmania works closely with a number of animal rescue centres across Ireland, and has witnessed this sad phenomenon year on year.

 Receiving a new puppy for Christmas is a big responsibility and with the reality of returning to work and school in January it can be overwhelming for new pet families To help integrate a new furry friend into the family, Petmania host free monthly Puppy Care Classes with everything you need to know to care for, feed and protect the wellbeing of your new dog.

 The Puppy Care Classes are designed for those who recently got or who are about to get, a new puppy. The classes cover a range of topics including diet and nutrition, grooming, house training, parasite control, exercise and play, socialisation and most importantly  basic behaviour training plus much more to ensure the best for your new best friend.

 Shane McMahon from Petmania Galway said, “For anyone who was lucky enough to get the gift of a new puppy this Christmas we highly recommend Petmania’s free Puppy Care Classes.

We champion the message that pets are a full-time commitment and with the right care and by following some simple and practical tips they can become a valued family member. We believe that every pet deserves their own human to love them and a great place to start is with one of our Puppy Classes.”

 Petmania is Ireland’s leading pet retailer and grooming studio, with 12 stores nationwide. The next Puppy Care Class is Saturday, January 11th, free of charge however spaces are limited and booking is encouraged. Register in your local Petmania store or online at