Media Report: Clonegal to Donegal

“When I was in secondary school there was a famous teacher strike. There were lots of study sessions organised but that did not appeal to me at all. A few friends thought likewise so six of us got together and walked from Dublin to Cork pushing a Corporation dustcart containing our belongings. We had a great time and raised about 500 pounds to send to Biafra where there was a well-publicised famine. For the six of us, it was a fantastic ten days and beat any study sessions. We met nothing but help and kindness along the way.


For a year or so Purcell Masterson has worked with Andrew Tobin and his Carlow company Stryve. They are a client we really enjoy working with, and one day on a ZOOM Andrew mentioned the venture Adam and Cillian were undertaking. They were hoping to raise €1,000 euro. I cannot remember how it came about but between Andrew, Sally, and Chloe we said we could get them a bit of publicity. Chloe put her own time into this and got the lads great coverage and they performed magnificently in interviews. Plus they raised almost €11,000 which was a substantial achievement. I trust they had a fantastic time and I know for sure that this is an experience that will stand to them through life.


I have reached that awful wise statesman stage of life when I get genuine pleasure from seeing young people push themselves and succeed. Well done to Adam and Cillian, and to Chloe for her generosity with her time and skills.” – John Masterson



Adam Tobin and Cillian Murphy, both 14 years old, planned to cycle 300 kilometres from Clonegal, Co. Wexford to Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal, as a fundraiser for the Irish Cancer Society. The boys had taken up cycling during the 2020 lockdown and had joked about cycling from Clonegal to Donegal, one corner of Ireland to the other. They both had family members who suffered different strains of cancer and wanted to help the Irish Cancer Society by giving them a donation and so they took on the challenge to do a charity cycle.


The goal of this public relations campaign was to raise awareness about the Clonegal to Donegal charity cycle, and in turn, increase donations to the fundraiser. Adam and Cillian’s main fundraising tool was a ’Go Fund Me’ page that they set up at the beginning of their fundraiser.


Firstly, a potential target media was identified, including national print publications, online media, regional print, and radio. Then a tailored media release was sent to each national and local newspaper and radio station. Radio interviews were secured with Adam and Cillian and the teens were naturals when it came to their media appearances. They were a couple of pros and never missed an opportunity to put out a call to action pointing the public in the direction of where people could donate. Throughout their cycle, Adam and Cillian managed and updated their own Instagram account.


Adam and Cillian secured interviews on Beat, KCLR, and Southeast Radio in the run-up to their cycle. There were also significant pieces of coverage in key local newspapers in Wexford and Donegal.


Three national newspapers printed the story including The Irish Mirror, the Irish Independent, and The Herald. Four additional articles were gained on popular national online sources.


The trip took five days to complete and Adam and Cillian cycled 60km-80km each day. Adam’s mother acted as Soigneur, the person who feeds, waters, and took care of the young cyclists, following them in her Campervan throughout the trip. On the 22nd of July, the boys are set off from Clonegal, and cycled through Carlow town and then onto Portlaoise. On day two, the 23rd of July, they cycled to Mullingar Co. Westmeath. By day three, the 24th of July, they cycled to Roosky, Co. Roscommon. On day four, the 25th of July, they went from Roosky to Lough Allen in Co. Leitrim, and on their final day, day 5, the 26th of July, they cycled to Ballyshannon in Co. Donegal.


Adam and Cillian finished their cycle with just a few blisters and a couple of bruises to report and they checked back in with KCLR Live when they finally reached Donegal, thus concluding our PR campaign.

It was great working with Adam and Cillian on this project, the teenager’s fantastic spirit and goodwill nature was admirable. Congratulations Adam and Cillian who raised €10,705 for the Irish Cancer Society!