Louth are big spenders this Christmas with half shopping online

Three e-tips to boost shop local for the festive season

A study has shown that Louth are the big spenders this Christmas with an average spend of €1079. This compares with the national average of €541 across Ireland.

According to research released by PayPal* this week the biggest spending counties were found to be Louth (€1079), Westmeath (€870), and Leitrim (€853). Almost half of Irish consumers (49%) will get their Christmas presents online this year. The research also revealed that 62% hope to buy locally and from smaller retailers in a bid to support them during Covid-19. With just three shopping weeks to go local digital company, Dmac Media says it is important for Irish retailers to be prepared to maximise purchases from their sites this December.

Dave McEvoy, Director of Dmac Media explains,

“Covid 19 and the restriction imposed on Irish businesses have forced retailers to recognise the importance of having an online presence. The Government has responded well by extending the Trading Online Voucher (TOV) Scheme throughout the crisis and more of Louth’s retailers than ever now offer ecommerce sites.”

He continues, 

The public has demonstrated their willingness to support local providers by placing their orders online. As the festive season continues, we are going to see a greater number of consumers opting for the convenience of online ordering and home delivery. I would urge local businesses to keep their focus on-line, even as physical stores re-open their doors this week.”

 What can Louth businesses do to make this their biggest December yet?

  1. Google Shopping

 The importance of Google Shopping for eCommerce business in Ireland will be very evident in the remaining shopping time in 2020. ‘Google Shopping’ is a type of pay per click display advertising that shows products and comparison pricing on Google’s search page. A relatively inexpensive pay per click option, prices range from between €0.03c to €0.30 cent and the return on investment is undeniable.

With consumers taking to Google to find the latest deals and products, Google Shopping will give businesses a visible presence in search results and help showcase product ranges to potential consumers. Getting Google Shopping right should be the number one consideration for Irish online retailers according to Dmac Media.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social Media plays a huge role in the daily lives of consumers nowadays. However, many businesses are not utilising Social Media Marketing to their full potential. Facebook and Instagram are having the greatest impact on consumer choices and retailers must ensure that they have a Facebook shop and invest time in cultivating the right audience. An audience which is interested in and engaged with your business or products. This can revolutionise how your business sales perform online. Dmac Media recommends creating a Product Catalogue on Facebook and spending time creating product sets that allow you highlight the right products to the right audience through advertising and in turn grow your sales.

  1. Email Marketing

 G.D.P.R. may have reduced your email marketing lists, but email still has a role to play in amplifying your sales. No matter how small your marketing lists are, sharing your special deals, seasonal products and content with your email marketing lists can stimulate offline conversations and in turn lead to increased sales. Create a dedicated offer code just for your email subscribers. Consumers appreciate an exclusive offer, plus a dedicated code is easier to track on your website to gauge a return on investments.

 Bonus Tip 

Make it as easy as possible for both new and returning customers to find your Christmas products and offers. Creating a dedicated Christmas gifts or product page on your website could make for a Merry Christmas. One area which has become increasingly popular is a theme update for your website for the duration of the season. Adopt the theme across your social and digital platforms to spread the Christmas cheer.

For more tips on how to make the most of your online bottom line visit www.dmacmedia.com