Irish Charity on the brink of survival releases new book detailing their children’s stories

 ‘To Russia With Love, The Children’s Stories’ written by charity founder Debbie Deegan

Irish charity ‘To Russia With Love’ has released a new book detailing the lives of abandoned and orphaned children under the wings of care of the charity. 2014 has been the charities most difficult year as it struggles to keep its services in place in one of Russia’s most desolate regions. ‘To Russia with Love, The Children’s Stories’ was co-written by Emily Hourican and Debbie Deegan and is also an account of the charities trials and tribulations since its foundation. The book is available from and from the charities ‘With Love’ charity shop in Clontarf, Dublin 3.

The book gives a voice to the children who have told their stories of appalling neglect as well as their hopes and aspirations for the future from the safety of the haven made by the charity. It is hoped the publication will raise much needed funds for the charity which has struggled financially through 2014.

The book features stories from over ten children and adults who have been through the orphanage and who are currently living there. Through the support of the charity, Misha Serdyukov who is now 26 went to university and works as a translator for a private business client. Sasha, 12 years of age, has been under the charities care for three years. The little girl was the inspiration behind ‘Brown Bag Films short film ‘Anya’. Described as “cheerful and sweet-natured”, Sasha lives in the present and is unable to open up about her past and what happened to her.

Debbie Deegan, founder of ‘To Russia With Love’ explains “Frankly my only goal at the moment is survival and this is what we hope the book will achieve. We are just about holding our heads above water. 2014 has been our most crippling year with the CRC and Rehab scandals. People stopped trusting and giving which has been devastating for the children under our care. We have had to strip back programmes of care available in the Hortolova Orphanage.”

“Our charity shop in Clontarf has kept the doors open for us in Russia but our circumstances are becoming ever more increasingly difficult. While this might seem like the same song being sung by all charities, it is our responsibility to keep beating the drum to ensure the children who need us most are cared for. They depend on the generosity of the Irish people to provide them with opportunities that ensure they break negative cycles and patterns.”

To Russia With Love was founded by Clontarf woman Debbie Deegan in 1998 after she adopted a little girl from the orphanage. So moved by the bleak conditions that the children in the Russia orphanage lived in, Debbie rallied family and friends to help her set up the charity which has to date transformed the lives of thousands of abandoned and orphaned Russia children. The charity now offers its programmes of care in many orphanages across Russia teaching life skills for a brighter future and providing children with improved living conditions, healthcare and education.

‘To Russia With Love, The Children’s Stories’ is available at or from their ‘With Love’ Charity Shop in Clontarf. Just in time for Christmas, the charity will also provide a special gift wrapping service for those who order the book on-line making it an ideal Christmas gift.

To donate to ‘To Russia With Love’ please visit or text HUG to 50300 to donate €4