THE digital sector in Ireland has experienced unanticipated growth during the pandemic according to Digital Marketeer, Dave McEvoy of Dmac Media. The Government’s decision in April 2020 to offer 90 per cent grant assistance to small businesses through the Trading Online Voucher scheme, available from Local Enterprise Offices, has been central to a significant boost in his web-development business.

As the country gets ready to reopen, small companies are trying to figure out what comes next. Sandra O’Connell talks to Dave of Dmac Media in the Sunday Times – Small Business. 

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The Sligo based digital company, Dmac Media, experienced growth of almost 100 per cent in 2020. As a result, Dmac hired five additional staff expanding their team by 30 per cent. The majority of new clients were developing an online store for the first time in a bid to save their business, retain staff and in many cases created additional roles. Whilst business is expected to slow down in the latter half of 2021, the company is enjoying modest growth.

Dave McEvoy, MD of Dmac Media in Sligo explains:

We have been snowed under with work since April and have hired new staff to cope with the uptick. It began when the Government adjusted the match funding requirement for businesses under the Trading Online Voucher scheme. It made total sense for businesses to invest. As lockdown went on, it became more apparent that eCommerce was going to be essential for small Irish businesses to survive. We have seen a seismic shift in behaviour to online purchasing. People who never before considered shopping online are now actively doing so, losing their fear of it, and will most likely continue to shop online in the future. It is a no-brainer for small business owners to invest in digital.”

During this time Dmac Media observed an increase in awareness among its clients about how important digital platforms are to future success. Modern retail is set to evolve into a hybrid mix of digital transactions mixed with tactile in-store experiences. Retailers will be required to provide a lot more variety in how they communicate with customers.

 Dave observes,

“It is apparent that company owners are now seeing digital as an essential part of their marketing mix and are using social media, email and digital advertising with much more savvy. Businesses that fully embrace digital methods of connecting with their customer and start to build communities and ‘tribes’ are best-placed to succeed in post-Covid retail.”

Whilst the rush for businesses to go online has slowed down in 2021, Dave and his team at Dmac Media see opportunities for the digital industry as the pinch from Covid 19 is felt across the country and in the fall-out from Brexit.

There is some recession being felt, but in the past tech companies have gained from this contraction as companies see the need for maintaining the digital side of their business to stay in touch with customers. We are starting to see this happen again.” he concluded.

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