Gloriously Gluten-Free at ‘La Rivista Gluten-Free Week’

Gluten-free diners are top of the menu for ‘La Rivista Gluten-Free Week’ Sep 22th – 29th

La Rivista Italian Restaurant on Parliament Street in Kilkenny is firmly focussing on gluten-free goodness from September 22 – 29th with their gloriously gluten-free menu.

Gluten intolerant diners are invited to dine at La Rivista during their special in-house ‘La Rivista Gluten-Free Week’ and receive a free glass of wine with their gluten-free meal just for coming along.

Gluten intolerant diners often feel neglected or ‘second best’ in restaurants and La Rivista would like to illustrate just how good their gluten-free menu is to coeliac or gluten-intolerant customers by setting aside one week to firmly focus on this clientele.

“We have extensive gluten-free options with the majority of our menu available gluten-free,” said head chef and co-owner, Therese Maguire. “We cater specifically to the needs of our customers and always have done. However, this week, we would like to devote our expertise to our coeliac and gluten-intolerant clientele to remind them of the variety that is available to them at La Rivista as so many complain of restricted menus when dining out. We want gluten-free diners to feel welcome and very much catered for at La Rivista,” she added.

Traditionally, Italian food has been a difficult choice for gluten intolerant diners due to the nature of its pizza and pasta dominated menus. Now La Rivista is offering gluten-free pizza dough, gluten-free pasta, gluten-free grills and gluten-free deserts.

“There is very little on our menu that can not be made to order gluten-free” says Therese. “Our gluten free dishes are carefully prepared separately as we understand that there are difficult consequences for some diners who have a serious intolerance to gluten and we are dedicated to serving these clients as well as we do our regular customers.”

With 1 in 100 Irish people suffering from Coeliac Disease or some form of gluten intolerance, it has never been more important for restaurants to cater for this dietary requirement. However, more and more non-gluten intolerant diners are also asking for gluten free options.

“La Rivista is delighted to focus on gluten-free customers for a week and it doesn’t end there. Every day we get customers asking us for gluten-free options. They are always concerned about ingredients and cooking process as it can seriously affect their health. Our staff are all trained to ask questions and deliver the appropriate information to the chefs about the clients’ needs. We pride ourselves on offering gluten-intolerant clients, the best gluten-free menu in Kilkenny, not just throughout this week but every day,” says Jennifer Quinn, co-owner and front-of-house manager at La Rivista.

For further information on the gluten-free options at La Rivista and for information on La Rivista Gluten-Free Week from September 22 – 29th please see www.larivista.com and facebook.com/larivistakilkenny. La Rivista also offer vegetarian, dairy-free and lighter bites options and will do everything possible to accommodate any other dietary requirements.