Call for Homeowners to apply for Home Energy Upgrade Grant

A Wexford Homeowner’s Transformation Journey

A grant of up to 35 per cent is available to homeowners in Wexford, to upgrade their home energy. 3 Counties Energy Agency (3cea) is calling on people to act now.

To ensure homeowners in the Southeast receive grant funding from this year’s scheme, they should register with 3cea as soon as possible to avail of grant support of up to 35 per cent. Those wishing to begin the journey towards a warmer and more comfortable home can fill in a simple form on https://3cea.ie/home-energy-upgrade/

Eddie’s Home

A County Wexford homeowner, Eddie Brennan upgraded his home with 3cea in 2019. The project was completed within a 12-week timeframe. The 1930s bungalow in AREA Westgate, County Wexford had a very low ‘BER’ energy rating of G. It was in extremely poor condition, with significant draught and condensation issues in numerous rooms within the dwelling. The owners hoped to upgrade the entire home to a modern and comfortable space, however, the property needed a complete renovation. Eddie shares his home transformation and energy upgrade story.



Eddie explains,

When we purchased the house in 2017 it had been unoccupied since 2011. The only heating was an open fire and there was no insulation whatsoever. We just wanted to make the house as comfortable as possible.”

To gain the highest standard of energy efficiency and comfort in the home, there were several energy upgrades implemented. The project consisted of all of the external walls receiving external wall insulation, roof insulation was also added, with a new heating system including underfloor heating, a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery System which significantly increased the internal thermal comfort conditions, providing a constant supply of fresh air, while removing any stale, stagnant air plus triple glazing and Solar PV was fitted.




All of this work came under the SEAI’s Deep Retrofit Programme – pilot scheme (the new scheme is called National Home Retrofit Scheme, only began this year) and qualified for grant assistance. 3 Counties Energy Agency who specialise in project managing home-energy upgrades, from the initial home assessment right through to the completion of works, oversaw every aspect of the renovation. They aim to give the homeowner a hassle-free journey towards a warmer, more comfortable and energy-efficient home.



Following the installation of energy upgrades, Eddie noticed significant changes in his home. “The comfort level in the house is excellent and our energy rating went up to an A2. The only energy bill we have now is our electricity bill, and so far, it is very low!” said Eddie who describes his home as “warm, bright and comfortable” following the upgrades.

Delighted with the upgrades, Eddie fondly recalls the reactions of friends and family who have been able to visit his new and improved home. “Everyone that has seen our house says it is unrecognisable from the old, dark and cold house that we had.”

As featured in The Sunday Times 

A home energy upgrade can increase the energy rating in a home and reduce the cost of heating it.

These measures can include upgrading insulation, installing ventilation systems, replacing windows or doors, and using renewable technologies such as solar panels and heat pumps.


3cea offers homeowners a One-Stop-Shop service. The energy agency will guide homeowners every step of the way, from initial home assessment right through to the completion of the project. 3cea is listed as a trusted project coordinator to deliver SEAI ‘s National Home Retrofit Scheme and assist homeowners by applying for grant funding of up to 35 per cent on their behalf.


Colin Simpson, Housing Team Lead with 3cea, commented,

With rising fuel prices, planned increases in carbon taxes in the medium to long term and low-interest rates currently available now is the time to take the next step in your home improvement journey. Home retrofits deliver real savings and add to your comfort levels. The 3cea one-stop-shop can help you achieve this.”

For homeowners considering a home energy upgrade project of their own, Eddie has these words of encouragement. “Go for it. The sooner you do it the sooner you start reaping the benefits.”

To learn more visit https://3cea.ie/home-energy-upgrade/.