Festive Free Range

Carlow Free Range delivers thousands of turkeys this festive season

With turkeys eaten by 94 per cent of Irish people around Christmas, free range artisan poultry farmers, Bertram and Celine Salter of Carlow Free Range have experienced a significant increase in interest and sales in free range turkeys this year.

Carlow Free Range had sold over 90 per cent of its festive free range turkeys by November 1st and are planning to double production next year to help meet demand, expanding facilities in 2014.

Unusually for its sector, Carlow Free Range owns and manages the entire supply chain process from rearing their turkeys through to packaging and delivery. This means removing food miles and travel stress for the birds and allowing consumers enjoy a healthy, wholesome and natural turkey that is fully traceable to the farm, being reared beside the Salters family home.

Carlow Free Range supplies its turkey to private customers and good craft butchers including Michael McAssey in Ballon and Bosco’s Butcher in Carlow, Ardeen Quality Foodstore in Waterford and reputable independent grocers nationwide.

“Such is demand, we recently expanded our facilities to process additional free range turkeys and are planning on doubling turkey supply next year. People are willing to spend more for excellent quality and great taste and our customers are coming back with orders year after year. Butchers would attest to the fact that free range turkeys are vastly superior in taste and more succulent than commercially produced turkeys.

With so many turkeys now being imported into Irish supermarkets, we are encouraged that demand is increasing for locally reared turkeys and welcome visitors to our farm to hand-pick their turkeys” said Bertram Salter, Carlow Free-Range.

Carlow Free Range’s corn fed free range chicken and free range turkeys receive rave reviews and Bertram and Celine are keen for consumers to go back to older, traditional cooking methods, using everything from the meat to the bones for chicken stock. Both Bertram and Celine are actively involved in the day to day running and management of Carlow Free Range and live by the farm with their three children, Isobel, Jamie and Luci. This way, they ensure that their commitment to quality standards translates into a premium quality, free range poultry.

See www.carlowfreerange.ie