F-F-F-Freezing Furry Friends

Top-five tips for helping your animal this winter.

It’s officially winter.  With temperatures set to plummet across the South East over the weekend, it is not just us humans that are affected but also our four-legged friends. Irish pet retailer, Petmania are highlighting the importance of helping your animal to adapt to colder conditions.

 To manage this, Petmania have compiled their top-five tips to minimise the impact on pets through the ever-changing temperatures of winter.

Emily Miller of Petmania, Ireland said, “Just as we humans adapt our lifestyle and skincare routines when the months turn colder, we want to encourage pet-owners to make a few small changes for their animal companions to make the winter more comfortable for them with these easy care-tips.”

  1. Keep beds warm and dry. Choose waterproof bedding and make sure outdoor kennels, hutches and homes are warm and dry.
  2. Like us humans in colder-climates pets need clean and moisturised paw pads to prevent cracking and pain caused by hard, cold salted pavements.
  3. Use Omega oils to prevent skin becoming dry and itchy in changing temperatures.
  4. Wrap up warm. Buy a coat for winter walks, use fleece blankets and line carriers or crate beds with warm bedding.
  5. Book a dog groom. Prevent matting, hydrate the skin and condition your dog’s coat or treat arthritic joints with a muscle and joint therapy bath.

Petmania, Irish-owned pet retailer and grooming studios have an extensive range of products available to help our furry friends face the winter months, Omega oil specially designed for animals’ need and a selection bedding, warm layers and therapeutic moisturisers.

Petmania are encouraging people to book their dogs grooming sessions early this Christmas as places are booking up fast. For more information on preparing your pet for winter, contact a Petmania Pet-expert in one of its 12 stores and grooming studio’s nationwide.

See www.petmania.ie for more.