Experience The Magic of Food The Waterford Way

Waterford, the hidden ‘food-lovers’ gem of Ireland is inviting you to experience the magic of Food the Waterford Way.  Named Ireland’s top ‘Foodie Destination’ for  2019, the network of food producers, top-chefs and quality restaurants have a spectacular line-up of events, dining experiences, tours, tasters and festivals to celebrate this extraordinary accolade.

The prestigious title is due to the hard work and great produce on offer across the county, along with the support of local chefs who know the best seasonal and local produce to present, in their own way, to visitors. Waterford as a foodie destination is now firmly on the map. These chefs, shopkeepers, bakers, butchers, brewers, farmers and foragers have come together to highlight the richness of Waterford’s food offering and make it easier for visitors to find them and experience Food the Waterford Way.

It’s the way that food flourishes in Waterford’s rich soil and sandy shores protected by the mountains and nurtured by its sea breeze and mild climate, it’s the way Waterford has been a city of firsts in Ireland, first tea, first coffee, and of course the Blaa.  This collective work closely together to make Waterford’s producers accessible to all food lovers now. Food enthusiasts can take tours to meet producers and experience their passion first-hand or taste some of the world class cheese makers, ice-cream makers, distillers, brewers, bakers, butchers, farmers and sea food producers in one of the county’s fine eateries.


Éimhín Ní Chonchuir, Co-ordinator for Food the Waterford Way said,

“We are ecstatic that Waterford is Ireland’s Foodie Destination of the year 2019. Waterford has amazing hidden gems like the beautiful tunnel on the Waterford Greenway, and it has a love for great food and drink at its heart. It is a beautiful natural agricultural region from the mountains across fertile planes to the sea. This community has been farming, butchering and baking for so long. Generation of McGrath’s in Lismore, Barren’s in Cappoquin and Flahavan’s in Kilmacthomas –  it’s at our core we know how to use the food. We are delighted to let everyone in on the secret now!”


“Foodie Destinations” is an initiative by the Restaurants Association of Ireland which celebrates Ireland’s unique and wonderful food offerings and encourages local food tourism initiatives across the country. Waterford has now been named the ‘Foodie Destinations 2019’ and offers an array of getaway packages, tours and dining experiences for food lovers to enjoy. See www.foodthewaterfordway.ie for more.