Don’t let coeliac disease quell your appetite – learn to cook gluten free at Kitchen in The Castle

[18/02/14]With Ireland having one of the highest prevalence’s of coeliac disease in the world, gluten free cooking has become more popular than ever in Irish society.

If you are tired of dried-up, shop-bought, gluten free bread, cakes and treats then the Kitchen in the Castle cookery school is your recipe to a tastier future.

Chef and proprietor of the Kitchen In The Castle Cookery School, Edwina St Lawrence has herself recently been diagnosed as coeliac and gluten-intolerant, inspiring her to develop exciting new gluten-free cookery courses at Howth Castle. Her students learn about delicious gluten free cooking during a four week intensive course on cooking without wheat, barley or rye

“It’s only since I was diagnosed myself as a coeliac that I have come to understand the culinary difficulties that people with a gluten intolerance have to endure on a daily basis. The gluten free options in many shops and restaurants are dull and unappetising and do not entice coeliacs to eat out,” she says.

“Myself and my colleague Eleanor Martin who has been cooking gluten-free for years as members of her family are coeliac, have devised a selection of sumptuous, gluten free recipes that will tempt the taste-buds of gluten and non-gluten loving diners, enabling gluten-intolerant people to feed themselves and their families from the one pot, which is often not an option for coeliacs.”

Edwina and Eleanor offer clever, gluten free substitutes along with advice on which gluten free flours are best to use in bread and which mixes best replicate that just-baked spongy freshness of home baking.

The Kitchen In The Castle four-week gluten free cooking course aims to illustrate how coeliacs can overcome the difficulties of cooking without gluten, across a wide range of dishes.

“Here at the Kitchen in the Castle we don’t believe in compromising on taste and if you are cooking for a coeliac or simply want to follow the trend and go gluten free, we are here to give you all the tools to successfully cook gluten free,” says Edwina.

And in case this all sounds like hard work the Gluten-Free Cookery course includes a sit-down dinner and glass of wine at the end of each class.

‘Gluten Free Baking’ takes place on Thursday 20th February from 7pm to 9:45pm. Cost: €65

The ‘Gluten Free 4 Week Course’ takes place from Monday 10th March from 7pm -9:45pm. Cost €240. *Due to St. Patrick’s Day, there won’t be a class on Monday 17th March but will resume the following Monday 24th and the series will end on Monday 7th of April.