Irish Charity podcast on Russian TV Tuesday 28 April

Debbie Deegan is well known for her work in turning around the lives of Russian children living in orphanages by making care, love, education and friendship a part of their everyday lives. In more recent years she has continued the work with children in Dublin with the same philosophy and results.

When the Covid-19 restrictions came into place the Charity shop she runs in Fairview and Portmarnock had to close its doors. Debbie used the time to set up her own internet chat show, Debbie Deegan’s Pink Kitchen, or DDPK, to bring positivity and advice to people during lockdown. She has interviewed guests like Mary Kennedy, psychotherapist Joanna Fortune as well as hosting discussions of topics as diverse as gay people in the military and white witches. A popular guest this week will be Mark Grainger of Pebble Beach pub who is cheering up northsiders with his Covid compliant Guinness on tap to your home. Debbie interviews game changers, positive people.  Her small audience is set to grow to over 25 million on Tuesday 28th at 6pm  when Debbie appears from her kitchen on the biggest TV show in Russia.

Andrey Malakhov hosts one of the biggest TV shows in Russia. He regularly attracts over 25 million viewers. Debbie will be his guest talking about the Irish reaction to COVID. As well as talking about the work of Dr Tony Holohan she tells the stories of Kerry people singing Mama Mia, Joe Duffy talking about the Man On The Bench, Dubliners playing Bingo on their Balcony, and what she hears about online dating in lockdown Ireland.

The work Debbie does in Ireland and Russia needs constant funding and she is currently running a text campaign to raise much needed funds.

Debbie said,

“We continue to support the vulnerable children and young adults we are involved with post orphanage in Russia where they are currently facing isolation and a pandemic without parents of a support system. With no fundraisers and our charity shops closed we urgently need help,”

 People can watch DDPK here:


 Text WITHLOVE to 50300 to donate 4.

Text costs 4. To Children With Love will receive a minimum of 3.60. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 076 6805278.

See www.tochildrenwithlove.ie or www.debbiedeegan.com