Crisis management

Every PR professional watches somebody else’s crisis management skills with interest. Is it being handled well ? Are the people involved being well advised ? Does it look like they are accepting advice ? And how would we do it differently?

Whether the client suffers death by one thousand cuts on the way, this is something over which they have a great degree of influence. In the long run we usually end up with the truth, or some approximation of it.

We are firm believers in Purcell Masterson, that you will ultimately end up with the truth meaning you may as well begin with it and take the advice of a PR professional on how best to tell it.

Here are our top four Crisis Management Tips.

  • Preparation – From a food business to a tech company, every organisation has the potential for a crisis management scenario to arise. Be prepared and understand where and how these might occur, then put a provisional strategy into place.
  • Spokespersons – You need spokespersons who are capable of effectively communicating the key messages at hand, in a high pressured environment. whether this is to stakeholders or media. Media training sessions for individuals who will represent the company if a crisis scenario arises are imperative.
  • Fact Check – Ensure you have all the information needed, and most importantly that you are dealing only in the facts.
  • Clarity Cut – Be clear, concise and consistent with the messages coming from your organisation.