‘The Best of Ireland’ a brand new identity for the cats

Media Release

KILKENNY is set to launch its new branding and website, kilkenny.ie on Friday 9th October under the banner of  “The Best of Ireland”. Well-known across the globe, Kilkenny is synonymous with creativity, heritage, hospitality, food and natural beauty. Following a study of the Kilkenny ‘brand’, the County Council has taken the decision that stakeholders will benefit from the roll out of an umbrella branding for Kilkenny which ultimately communicates all that Kilkenny has to offer. 

The aim of the Kilkenny County Council initiative is to attract visitors and investors to the county by raising awareness of the many outstanding attributes that make Kilkenny an ideal place to visit, shop, work, locate a business, live and raise a family.

The launch will be held in the run up to the inaugural Kilkenny Day, taking place on Sunday 11th October. Kilkenny Day is set to be an annual celebration of Kilkenny.  Events on the day will embrace Kilkenny’s Black & Amber legacy with a range of activities highlighting its creativity, technological excellence, arts, theatre, music, crafts and design, food and hospitality and all the colour and texture of Kilkenny, subject to public health guidelines, and with many events available to enjoy online.

At the heart of the new identity is a blending of old and new working in harmony with rich layers of history and modernity working together. A cultural blend of craft, design, food, business, festivals, shopping and more, Kilkenny is both the Medieval heart of Ireland and a progressive and ambitious entrepreneurial hub which fosters a vibrant living culture for its visitors, residents and investors alike. The new visual identity will convey this in a modern modular ‘K’ shape. The familiar Kilkenny scripted logo is being retained along with the iconic Black & Amber colours. The new branding is now visible across the county and city.

 “As a response to Covid-19, we have revamped the kilkenny.ie website to position Kilkenny as an outstanding destination for customers, visitors and investors looking to experience the Best of Ireland. This key message reinforces Kilkenny’s reputation as an ideal place to visit, shop, work, set up a business, live and raise a family. It is a big claim but we can back it up.” said Colette Byrne, Chief Executive of Kilkenny County Council.  

Cathaoirleach, Cllr. Andrew Mc Guinness is excited that the new branding brings the many positive attributes of Kilkenny together in one place suitable for locals, visitors, and businesses looking for a good location, or families deciding where to work and bring up children. He said,

 “Kilkenny has so much to offer. The sport and the heritage are well known. Being Foodie Destination Winners in 2018 showcased our great restaurants, producers and hotels. The excellence of design and technology from our many internationally known crafts people, through to the leaders in modern animation blends tradition with the modern.  Kilkenny is a great place to shop. The local art scene, our theatres, and our many festivals are flourishing. Throughout the county we are known for our friendliness and, in today’s world, that matters a lot.”

For more see:  kilkenny.ie