April 30th – Adopt a Shelter-Pet Day

Petmania appeal to people to consider older animals for adoption

Friday (30.04.2021) is Adopt a Shelter-Pet Day’ and Petmania is reminding people that every animal deserves a safe and loving home.  Petmania recommends that people think about adoption first when it comes to choosing a pet and to consider the benefits of adopting an older dog.

Emily Miller of Petmania explains, 

“There is huge demand for puppies at the moment so many rescue centres don’t have them, but they do have older dogs that are being surrendered for various reasons and deserve a loving family of their own.”

Some benefits of adopting older dogs include they are less active later in life and needing less time-commitment to exercise. Older dogs are usually already house trained. They are calmer and don’t need the same level of attention as a  brand new puppy and often more mature dogs are more suited to households of adults rather than those with young children.

“Choosing a pet from a trusted rescue centre is a very sustainable way of becoming a pet-parent and will give a new lease of life to an unwanted animal. There are hundreds of pets waiting to be adopted across Ireland. If you have been thinking of getting a dog or cat, please consider adoption first especially for older animals. We can recommend a reputable shelter near you and hope that you will offer a forever home to one of the dogs or cats in their care.” Emily said. 

Throughout April, Petmania has teamed up with Hill’s Pet Nutrition to support local shelter pets. Petmania is committed to supporting local animal adoption agencies and has partnered with seven animal rescue centres throughout Ireland including Ash Animal Rescue, Carlow, Protecting Pound Dogs, Kilkenny, SERA Husky & Animal Rescue and Kingdom Cat and Dog Rescue, Galway Cat Rescue, Laois SPCA and Deel Animal Action Group in Limerick.

Throughout the year Petmania support the work of its rescue partners with donations, food appeals and special events. All rescue centres are operating differently at the moment and in line with COVID restrictions however many are struggling and need community support.

Petmania pet care advisors provide professional and practical advice and support for anyone planning to become a pet parent. For more information on Petmania Rescue Partners visit: