A Photograph is Worth a Thousand Words

By John Mastersion – 14th March 2014

The great days of photography were long before everyone, and I mean everyone, had a camera. You cannot go a half hour now without seeing someone taking a photo with their phone. Hands up anyone who has not taken a selfie.

Recently I have been travelling and I have noticed the return of the real camera.  More and more people are actually interested in taking photos again as well as just point and press snaps. Five years ago I would have predicted the camera manufacturers would become as  rare as Kodak film. But no. People are realising that thinking about an image, focus, depth of field, composition and lighting gives a more satisfying result.

The amateurs are getting better. But the people who do it day in, day out, are called photographers. Their extinction was also prematurely predicted. Their work is still what I look at first before I read a word in the papers. Long may they prosper.