Research reveals pets mirror owners personalities

Image of a Puppy

Petmania are searching for six #RealDogs full of personality

 As all pet parents know, dogs have amazing personalities and each pooch has their own unique personality traits. Recent UK Research has shown that dogs often mirror their owners’ personalities, picking up many of their traits. [1]

Petmania have launched a one of a kind initiative that focuses on dogs bright personalities. The specialist pet retailer has teamed up with Purina Beta for this Real Dogs campaign and it will see pet parents analyse and understand their dogs’ personalities.

The study which was published in the Journal PLOS reveals that dogs have human–like socio–cognitive abilities, for example their attachment to owners, their ability to follow human communicative gestures and understand cues like eye contact. [1] This confirms the fact that dogs are basically mini cuter versions of their owners!

Petmania’s Marketing Manager Emily Miller said, “For the past 11 years Petmania has been working alongside pet parents and it is very true to say that art imitates real life when it comes to individual pets’ personalities. All too often we focus on how a dog looks, are they cute or are they handsome, but it really is the personality that makes the dog.  That’s what makes this competition so exciting – we are looking for six dogs to represent the #RealDogs profiles and we can’t wait to meet them!”

Purina Beta have pin-pointed six different dog personalities and have teamed up with Petmania to find a #RealDogs Ambassador which embodies each: The Thrill-seeker, an outdoorsy dog who loves splashing, swimming and rolling. The Jester, a cheeky chappy who loves to entertain along and as soon as you come home, they grab their favourite toy and its playtime. The Foodie, a dog that is not only food motivated, they’re food obsessed! Relishing the world through their mouths, everything needs to be sniffed, licked and tasted.

The Explorer, they love being out and about, they are curious about what’s around the corner, over the hill and across the field. The Chaser, they have a need to run, track and retrieve, usually because it’s in their breeding. Finally, The Buddy, they are in their element when they are with other dogs and people. They are never wary of new places, because new places mean new lovely people to meet and other Buddies to play with.

To enter the competition, dog owners are asked to upload a photograph of their dog and choose which of the six #RealDogs profiles they believe best suits their dog. Voting continues until the 14th of October to find 36 finalists (6 in each category) who will be invited to take part in a Grand Final at The Pet Expo in Dublin on 4th November 2018, where six #RealDogs Ambassadors will be chosen. The winning dogs will take on the role of #RealDogs Ambassadors 2018 and they will feature in Petmania’s Beta Campaigns.

For more information, and to enter, visit or in any of Petmania’s 12 stores nationwide.




Naoise Coogan

By Naoise Coogan

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