• Public Relations

    Raise your profile. Raise your bottom line.

    A successful Public Relations Campaign will help build relationships and successfully communicate with stakeholders to reinforce reputations that add genuine value to any business, organisation or event.

  • Communications Training

    Central to any organisation in the public eye, is the public figure put forward to deliver the key messages at hand.

    Our Communications Training Centre is led by John Masterson, MD of Purcell Masterson Public Relations, Sunday Independent Columnist and Psychologist.

    Purcell Masterson Public Relations offer organisations and individual Confidential Crisis Communication Counsel, Media Training and Communications Training.

  • Digital Management

    Love it or hate it, how we present ourselves and our businesses online cannot be ignored. 

    Improve business performance and brand awareness by fully utilizing social media to create a positive public relations and marketing impact.

    From developing creative and engaging content plans to the actual execution of the online package, Purcell Masterson will maximise performance across platforms such Facebook, Instagram and the businesses own website.


    Purcell Masterson Public Relations announced the launch of a new specialised Food, Hospitality and Lifestyle PR Department in April 2018.

    Under the name, Front of House, the talented team will continue to work with some of Ireland’s biggest names in restaurant, hotel, food and lifestyle sectors.

    Find out more about Front of House PR and who we work with here.