28th Jan          My most alarming 15 minute conversation

21st Jan           It is just ink.  So I can just blot it out…sometimes

14th Jan          Peculiar attitude to drink is very sobering

7th Jan            ‘I am not SMART… I am DUMB or DUMBER’


24th Dec            ‘Only two more sleeps to Santa… I can’t wait’

17th Dec            ‘Breath test? I haven’t had one in the last 250k miles

10th Dec            I have done the NCT for my car, now it’s time…

3rd Dec              Don’t be late.  I won’t wait.  I will go without you.

26th Nov            Help! The ghost of Christmas presents

19th Nov            Listen up while you still have the time

12th Nov            It is time for us talk… face-to-face please

22nd October   Mind Matters: No country for our hard-working young people

15th October    Our smart phones are making dumb people

15th October    Catalonia: It’s foodie bliss on the graceful slopes of Spain

8th October      Nagging a smoker is like playing with fire

1st October        Trophy hunters… feed them to the sharks

24th Sept           Why – like Bill Clinton – I make ‘me time’ a priority

10th Sept           Democracy is coming… take it from Leonard

3rd Sept             Chiles play: How to make people think about drink

27th August      Nothing compares to Cohen’s Hallelujah

20th August      Stateside twin who stole my thunder

13th August      Don’t pooh pooh my Dog Awards

30th July           Parents are missing the point about the points system

23rd July           Help, A Day In The Life….and now I Feel Fine

16th July           Splashing out can land you in hot water

9th July             Militaristic anthems are an emotive bloody mess

2nd July            Ring the changes and have a happy Christmas

25th June         Celebrity suicide is not a fashion to be copied

18th June         Two is company, but is three the norm?

11th June          I’ll always be dreaming my dreams… with me

4th June           Laugh and the whole world laughs with you

28th May         Nothing rousing about this rabble

21st May          Still rolling stoned after all these years

14th May         Great little country that’s gone to the dogs

7th May           Sorry, I am on the phone. Most of the time

23rd April       These are a few of my favourite things

16th April        Switching on to ups and downs of sport’s….

9th April          Always count your change – it pays dividends

9th April          Philadelphia: To the centre of the city where….

2nd April         Red alert? Well maybe pale pink to my mind

26th March     What about sunshine? What about rain?

19th March      St Patrick is new patron saint of non-smokers

12th March      ‘Atonement’, lies, and’our’ Saoirse

26th February Help! I have been completely cleaned out

12th February  Hang over or clear head? The choice is yours

5th February    Forget your baggage… it is all about cool luggage

29th January   That rhino could kill an elephant… or me

22nd January  Steak and chips.  But hold the steak

15th January   Old enough to repay… but still afraid to sell

8th January      Love is int he air – but sadly romance…..