Magical garden transplanted to Barretstown marking the partnership between Glanbia and Barretstown which raised €1.6million

A final cheque for €60,000 was presented to Barretstown at the official unveiling of the Garden

Monday 28th July 2014.  A magical garden with hidden burrows, bridges, wishing trees and Barretstown’s iconic red door, which won the People’s Choice award at Bloom this year, has been transplanted to Barretstown and officially unveiled today by 30 Glanbia employees, led by Siobhán Talbot, Group Managing Director Glanbia Plc.

The garden, which was designed by award winning landscape architect Tim Austen, is a lasting legacy which recognises the five year partnership between Glanbia and Barretstown.  During that time Glanbia’s 2,000 strong Irish employees, combined with the Avonmore brand and Glanbia plc, raised an amazing €1.6 million for the children’s charity despite the challenging economic climate.

The unveiling of the garden coincided with a recognition day for over 30 Glanbia champions who have spearheaded the fundraising efforts over the past five years.  Commenting on the champions Chief Executive of Barretstown Dee Ahearn said, “The support, enthusiasm and energy invested in our charity by the Glanbia employees has been the defining feature of this partnership.  Each and every employee involved has given their time generously and they have done so with a huge amount of commitment, dedication and focus.  Their collective effort has raised a very substantial amount of money, €1.6million, and for that I’m grateful, so too are the wider Barretstown team, and I know this level of effort is very much appreciated by the families who come here.”

Commenting on the partnership, Siobhán Talbot, Group Managing Director Glanbia Plc said, “Glanbia has been in partnership with Barretstown since 2008 and we are delighted with the association.  Not only did it really resonate with employees but we managed to raise €1.6m for such a worthy cause.  We’re very proud of what our employees contributed to this partnership and are delighted that this final garden will be a lasting legacy for all of the families who go to camp there in the future.”

“This is a very special year for Barretstown as we celebrate our 20th anniversary,” Ms Ahearn added.  “Since we were established by the acting legend Paul Newman in 1994, we have welcomed over 27,000 campers to Barretstown and we simply could not have accommodated so many without the generous support of companies like Glanbia.

“Furthermore what’s really special about this partnership is that the garden is going to be a lasting legacy. It’s absolutely magnificent and looks incredibly well in its new home here at Barretstown and I know it will be a wonderful activity area for our future campers,” she concluded.

‘A Vintage Affair in St Mary’s Charity Tea Rooms in support of ‘To Russia With Love’

 Local man hosts an afternoon of Coffee, Cake and Conversation for Irish Charity ‘To Russia With Love’

John Darcy (21) from, Ballyvooney, Stradbally, Co Waterford, will host a special afternoon of tea delights for Irish Charity ‘To Russia With Love’ on Saturday, August 23rd.  ‘The Charity Vintage Tea Rooms’ in The Church of Ireland on Jacknell Street, Dungarvan Co Waterford will provide the setting for the event which will be take place from 2.00pm to 5.00pm. All proceeds will go directly to support the work of the charity with abandoned and orphaned children in Russia.

The Vintage Tea Rooms are a unique concept which were setup by Dungarven lady, Ria Drohan, and have raised almost €50,000 for local charities over the past five years. Guests will have the opportunity to step back in time in the charming surroundings of the Charity Vintage Tea Rooms where they will enjoy traditional afternoon tea fayre to the backdrop of music from the 40’s.

The fundraising event is being organised by John Darcy (21), a young University of Limerick Business student, who has raised over €8,000 for charities and is now in his fourth year organising events that generate awareness and funds for important causes. Mr Darcy explains “I am in awe of the work of ‘To Russia With Love’ who over the past 15 years under the leadership of Debbie Deegan have loved, cared and educated thousands of children. Many of whom have gone onto become lawyers, doctors and accountants. It is an honour to organise another event for this wonderful Irish charity and this year we will host our afternoon in the wonderful tea rooms.”

2014 has been a challenging year for ‘To Russia With Love’ with the charity struggling to make ends meet to continue their work in Russia. Debbie Deegan, Founder of ‘To Russia With Love’ says “We have hundreds of children under our wings and every donation is very precious. Now more than ever before, we need the support of the public to ensure that we can continue improving the lives of the abandoned and orphaned children. We are very grateful to John, his fundraising event at Kilmokea Country Manor was a huge success last year and this will be his second year raising some much needed funds for ‘To Russia With Love’, in The Charity Vintage Tea Rooms.”

‘To Russia With Love’ is an Irish charity founded in 1998 by Debbie Deegan. Since then the charity has transformed the lives of over 5,000 abandoned and orphaned Russian children. With the support of the Irish public, the charity now offers its programmes of care in many orphanages across Russia teaching life skills for a brighter future and providing children with improved living conditions, healthcare and education. A tireless campaigner and fundraiser Debbie managed to bring Oscar nominated studio Brown Bag films on board to create a short animated feature film titled ‘Anya’ that was released in April 2014 and can be viewed online.

For more information or to book tickets for the special event please contact  John on 087 9004530 or alternatively you can like St Mary’s Charity Vintage Tea Rooms on Facebook. To make a donation and support the work of ‘To Russia With Love’ see

Tips for Improving Your PR Pitch to Editors and Journalists

We enjoyed this article from It offers some great advice for getting the most from your PR pitch to editors and journalists:

Crafting Your Pitch

To write the most effective press releases and make pitches to editors and journalists that will get them writing and talking about your business, you need the right approach. Before you start dialling up your local newspaper or TV station or firing off emails looking for media coverage, check out the tips below. Make sure you’ve figured out your PR pitch.

Keep It Simple

Marie Alonso, an online marketing and media specialist with Miles Technologies tells Small Business Trends:

“Pitch the facts and the engagement opportunities for readers. Editors don’t want to review long paragraphs filled with rambling information. Pitches that are concise, and sharing just the facts, allow for an immediate engagement with the editor or reporter. Always think of the READER – not the editor or reporter. The reader is always the goal.”

Avoid Industry Jargon, Buzzwords

Write in straight forward language that’s easy to understand. This requires avoiding jargon and buzzwords that mean nothing outside your industry. Amanda Eldridge, director of strategic channels at PR Newswire, adds in an email interview:
“Colorful language isn’t substantive, and can be a turn-off to journalists.”

Provide Interesting Data, Tips, Facts

Pitches with unusual facts or a numbered list of helpful tips help the writer come up with an interesting story angle, says Eldridge.
In the news business, timeliness is critical, our experts agree. Getting your message out at the right time — and giving reporters time to prepare — will increase the likelihood your public relations pitch will be heard above others.

Keep It Timely

The timely pitch will be the pitch editors act upon. Connect your news to current events or reactions to a recent report or study. Find ways to make your pitch relevant and timely to create a sense of urgency, suggests Alonso. Capitalize on news of the day and ways to boost your pitch with timely, educational or even entertaining tidbits that allow editors to not only cover your news, services or activities, but, more importantly, utilize your news to create a bigger story!

Be Proactive and Creative

Sometimes a successful pitch requires a certain amount of creativity…and a willingness to go the extra mile to help journalists construct their story. American University School of Communication Assistant Professor Gemma Puglisi tells Small Business Trends:
“Send the reporter spokespeople they can contact for major stories that apply to a client. Let’s say the story is about the heat/weather. And let’s say your small business is a boutique. As the owner, you could talk about what is appropriate to wear for the office … and outside the workplace.”

Give a Head’s Up

Help journalists plan ahead by providing advance notice of upcoming events. If you’re pitching an event or have a specific timeline for when you need coverage, don’t wait until the week of the event, says Eldridge. Journalists often plan their content in advance with an editorial calendar.

Don’t Overhype

Finally, Eldridge suggests, do not create a false sense of urgency in order to get noticed. Harassing journalists for an immediate response will only serve to paint you as an unreliable and often excitable source.

Connecting with the Right Person

Now that you’ve got a solid pitch to dangle before editors and reporters, our experts concur that getting heard by the right people is key. This prevents you from being a pest to journalists that don’t cover your type of story and also keeps you from wasting time making pitches to them.

Identify the Right Writer

Business owners should take the time to compile a list of journalists who only cover the types of news or topics they are pitching, suggests Eldridge. This will let them know who to pitch their story to when the time comes.

Know Who You’re Pitching to

This has always been the rule for pitching, says Puglisi. More than just having the reporter be a name on a list, read stories the reporter has covered. Be sure to mention specific examples of similar types of stories they, or their news outlet, have written in the past. Then explain why your story would fit into the mix.

Personalize Your Email Pitches

The editor or journalist you are pitching to is not just a faceless media representative waiting to do your bidding by writing a story from your latest press release. That person is a human being with his or her own wants, needs, point of view and agenda. So make sure you connect as a human being and acknowledge their part in the equation. After all, without their help, your news will not get out. Mention a tweet of theirs you recently read or an article they recently wrote, Eldridge says. Introduce yourself before stating the nature of your story. Then explain why you’re contacting them in a brief, succinct message.

Following Up

Of course, once you’ve got interest from a member of the media or a news outlet, your actions in following up and being responsive to media requests are just as important.

Be Available

Remember, you are on their time, Eldridge stresses. Though you may not grab their attention at first, they may need you later down the road. And when that happens, be ready. When they call, answer. Whatever they need, get it.

In journalism, reporters are taught the “afterglow effect.” It refers to the value of information you glean from a source after the interview has essentially ended and everyone is less guarded. The same can be said for cultivating relationships with reporters and editors and getting more attention for your small business in the future.

Connect Socially

Channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus can help you build relationships with local and national journalists and editors simply by replying to a tweet or status update. Having a journalist recognise your name can be a major advantage in getting your pitch chosen over another, says Eldridge.

Share their content with industry peers on social media or reference articles in a blog post. This shows that you share an interest in similar topics and that you are familiar with the journalist’s work.

Maintain the Relationship

The relationship doesn’t stop after you’ve had your news covered. How a brand interacts with journalists or media outlets after a story is reported could help or hurt future outreach just as much as the initial pitch does. A short email thanking the journalist is courteous, as is sharing their post (and other posts) on your social media channels, says Eldridge.

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful. In an era of social media when everyone has their own mini news outlets, it’s easy to forget how powerful external press coverage can be. Often times, getting this coverage simply requires the right approach and a bit of planning.

We couldn’t agree more! If you enjoyed this article you might also like to read When to write a press release and how to pitch it by Naoise Coogan, account director with Purcell Masterson.

This article was written by Joshua Sophy for Small Business Trends

‘East meets West’ as local ladies host special fundraising event for Irish Charity ‘To Russia With Love’

Fundraising event will see first ever Connemara Man Competition take place 

Irish Charity ‘To Russia With Love’ is set to benefit from an ‘East meets West’ themed event that will take place in The Courtyard, Station House, Clifden, Co. Galway on Thursday, August 14th. Local business women Sharon Griffin from ‘Ohh! By Gum’ and Treena Sweeney of ‘Design Platform’ have created the specially themed fundraiser that will encompass the best of the West with all that the East, as far as you want to go, has to offer.

Taking place in a specially decorated marquee in The Courtyard, Clifden, guests will enjoy an ‘Eastern Cocktail Reception’ with live music and performance, followed by a Run-Way Entertainment show that will feature local boutiques and clothing stores with live music that will go late into the night. The Run-Way show will promote ethical fashion and will include wears from two new Irish brands, Cork based ‘Earth Tribe’ and Galway label ‘The Tweed Project’. Stores in The Courtyard, Station House will have pop-up shops where a host of activities from other local businesses will take place.

As part of the fundraiser and for the first year ever, some of Connemara’s most eligible men will compete for the title of ‘The Connemara Man’. The men will be aged between 18-108, single and living in Connemara. These men will represent their local business or organisation and text voting for these candidates starts two weeks prior to the event.  Regardless of who wins each candidate and their sponsor will raise valuable funds for the charity.

Sharon Griffin, Owner of OHH! By Gum an ethical boutique store for women and children explains “We are delighted to host this fundraiser for ‘To Russia With Love’. For the past 15 years under the leadership of Debbie Deegan, ‘To Russia With Love’ has loved, cared for and educated thousands of children. Many of whom have gone onto become lawyers, doctors and accountants. It is an honour for us to organise an event, here in the west for this wonderful Irish charity  and we are sure it will be a huge success”

2014 has been a challenging year for ‘To Russia With Love’ with the charity struggling to make ends meet to continue their work in Russia. Debbie Deegan, Founder of ‘To Russia With Love’ says “We have hundreds of children under our wings and every donation is very precious. Now more than ever before, we need the support of the public to ensure that we can continue improving the lives of the abandoned and orphaned children. We are very grateful to Sharon and Treena for organising this fundraiser for us in Clifden.”

‘To Russia With Love’ is an Irish charity founded in 1998 by Debbie Deegan. Since then the charity has transformed the lives of over 5,000 abandoned and orphaned Russian children. With the support of the Irish public the charity now offers its programmes of care in many orphanages across Russia teaching life skills for a brighter future and providing children with improved living conditions, healthcare and education. A tireless campaigner and fundraiser Debbie managed to bring Oscar nominated studio Brown Bag films on board to create a short animated feature film titled ‘Anya’ that was released in April 2014 and can be viewed online.

Tickets cost €30.00 and are available from Millars, Main Street, Clifden on 095-21038 and Ohh! By Gum, The Courtyard Station House,095-21334. To find out more about the event see and about the work of ‘To Russia With Love’ or to make a donation see


Recycle your Press Release in 7 Easy Steps

Press Releases for Social Media Management

By Sally Leadbetter

So you’ve crafted the perfect press release, facts and figures double, triple checked. You have distributed it to carefully selected media and followed up with your contacts. So now what?

Is that the end of the life-cycle of a press release? No! While you wait for it to appear in print, on radio and TV, re-use, repurpose and recycle that press release to gain traffic on your website and generate conversations on social media and share, share, share your key messages.

1. Post it on your website

The first point of research for a new clients, journalist or investor will always be your website, so make sure to share your press releases on your website. Furthermore your customers love your product, they are invested in your brand and they want to hear about your business successes, product launches, events and news.

2. Turn it into a blog post

Taking a new slant on your news story and turn your press release into a blog. For example turn your stats into a ‘fun facts’ or ‘frightening facts’ article, create an FAQ blog, write about how you were inspired to design your new range or create a ‘how to’ guide or a top 10 favourites post.

3. Titbits for Twitter

Now get a luminous highlighter pen and go through your press release and blogs. Highlight any quotes, one-liners, statistics, facts plus your key messages. Each of these extracts can be crafted into a tweet. Offer your followers a teaser and link it back to your website.

4. Facebook page post

Each new slant on your press release can become a Facebook post. Keep the text short and snappy, about 50 words and include an image for greater share-appeal! Overlay text on your image to get your key messages noticed, but make sure you stick to Facebook’s 20% of text rule! Always include a link to your blog or website.

5. Say it with Images

Visual information is much more accessible than text. By adding graphics to your story in a slide share, power-point or prezi you are much more likely to convey your message.  Infographics, posters and mood boards are great ways to retell the story behind the press release. Go one step further and create video for Vine or YouTube.

6. Conduct an Interview

You have developments within your company, it’s newsworthy and a lot of consideration has gone into it. Share the process with your audience in an interview. A transcribed interview would make a great read for your customers and offer extra nuggets of information from behind the scenes. A SoundCloud recording would add a little extra and a video would be amazing!

7. Share successes

Finally when the journey of the press release is completed and your news appears in print, on the radio or TV, share your success with your fans and followers. Take a photo of the article to share on social media or attach a link to the radio or TV appearance.

So next time you write a press release, re-use, re-purpose and recycle it to make it work a little harder for your business.

Why not follow us on Twitter or Facebook to see how we re-use, re-purpose and recycle our news.

If you need any help planning your press release or PR and Communications campaign contact the team at Purcell Masterson for a consultation on or telephone 056 7723211.



“Government must recognise, respect and respond to the needs of Family Carers” says The Carers Association

Ireland’s Unseen Workforce save the state € 4 billion every year

The Carers Association today launches its Pre-Budget Submission 2015, which once again, urges Government to recognise the home as a vital centre of care. The submission titled ‘Make Home Work’ calls on Government to ensure that Family Carers have the resources, services and supports necessary to care with confidence and safety in the home.

2014 has seen Family Carers across the country hit with changes to the Housing Adaptation Grant for people with a disability as well as cuts to the Housing Aid for Older People and the Mobility Aid grants. Now they are facing further hardship through increased household charges and lack of resources on the ground.

Catherine Cox, Head of Communications with The Carers Association explains “At a time when there are already huge demands on Family Carers, such cuts are devastating for the 187,000 people who are a part of Ireland’s unseen workforce. Our Pre-Budget Submission outlines to Government a number of recommendations that will recognise, respect and respond to the needs of Family Carers in the most practical of terms.”

“While The Carers Association has welcomed Government’s shift in policy from institutional/hospital care to care in the community and in the home, this transfer cannot be achieved by simply dumping the responsibility of care onto the shoulders of family carers without proper “transfer of care” protocols. In the absence of a statutory entitlement to home care services the basic supports necessary to sustain people with high dependency care needs in the home must be provided prior to the movement of a patient from a hospital or institutional care to their homes.  Family Carers have played their part in facilitating this shift in policy and we are calling on the Irish Government to do the same.  The bridge between the rhetoric and reality must be crossed to ensure one of Ireland’s must vulnerable section of society are afforded the necessary supports and entitlements.”

Family Carer Catherine Howe will speak at the launch about her role as a carer for her husband who has bi-polar disorder and about the impact that the lack of resources, supports and services has on their daily lives.

The Carers Association’s Pre-Budget Submission 2015, titled ‘Make Home Work’, presents a range of practical recommendations that would support Family Carers and their needs.  ‘Make Home Work’ calls on Government to –

  • Acknowledge Family Carers as an exceptional group within the Department of Social Protection
  • Legislate to ensure a statutory entitlement to homecare community services
  •  Provide adequate supports for carers caring for those with mental health illness
  • Restore the unfair cuts applied to vital Social Protection supports such as the Respite Care Grant and Household Benefits Package.
  • Ensure that the € 100 water allowance applies to all full-time Carers regardless of whether they are in receipt of the household benefit package.
  • Extend local property tax exemptions to include households where high level care is provided.
  • Provide contributory state pension entitlement for lifetime Family Carers.
  • Ensure Implementation of the National Carers Strategy

This is the first time in many years that The Carers Association will not present their submission in The Oireachtas AudioVisual Room of the Dáil following changes last year that now prevents  access to civil and voluntary groups.  The Association and family carers feel aggrieved at this move as we believe that the on-site briefing facility of the AV room at Leinster House was a civil society space that should have been preserved and protected.

Ireland’s family carers contribute €77 million per week, providing 900,000 hours of care daily to the ill, frail and people with disabilities. This is the equivalent to one third of the total annual cost of the HSE (€13.3 billion) and is five times what family carers cost the Department of Social Protection in income support (€878 million). Full time Family carers contribute on average €72,500 a year.

Thurles set for ‘Fleadh agus Fáilte’ as part of Ireland’s First Festival of Gaelic Sport

This summer Gaelic sport teams from across Ireland are set for a trip to Thurles as part of Ireland’s first ever Festival of Gaelic Sport. 2014 marks an important milestone as it is also the first year ever the festival, formally known as ‘The Thurles Sarsfields International Hurling Festival’ will run in conjunction with Tipp FM Radio, Tipperary County Council, and Thurles Chamber of Commerce. The ‘Thurles Sarsfields Festival of Gaelic Sport’ will take place from July 4th – July 12th.

The town of Thurles will showcase the best it has to offer as a sports, tourism and shopping destination to the thousands of visitors who will ascend to the home of hurling. A first for Ireland, the week-long celebration of Gaelic sport, music and fun will see local businesses join forces to offer a wide variety of family friendly events and special discounts to local attractions for visitors to choose from throughout the festive period.

John O’Shaughnessy, President of the Thurles Chamber of Commerce explains “Thurles Chamber of Commerce is delighted to be actively involved in this year’s landmark festival which is a great opportunity to showcase what Thurles, the home of GAA, has to offer as a tourist destination. With over 100 teams set to make the pilgrimage to Thurles throughout the festival, it will be a major benefit to the town and wider regions of Tipperary. We hope that the festival will become a significant annual event for the town of Thurles.”

The feast of Gaelic Sport, which will tie in with the Munster hurling final, will see games such as Hurling, Road-Bowling, Camogie,  Ladies Football, Camán-Abú,  Rounders, Handball, and Target Ball for those with special needs take place. Visitors will have the opportunity to avail of special incentives and explore the sights of Thurles such as the Cabragh Wetlands, St Mary’s Famine Centre, Farney Castle and Pony-trekking with the Tipperary Equestrian Centre.

John Enright, Chairman of the ‘Thurles Sarsfield Festival of Gaelic Sport’ says The festival is evolving each year and we are continually seeking ways to improve it; to make it more attractive for both participants and spectators. We have great teams this year and supplementary events which we hope will make it an even better spectacle than before. The festival has grown steadily over the last three years thanks to the great support of our sponsors and the hard work of our committee and club members. We thank all teams across Ireland who are taking part in what will be a highlight of the sporting calendar.”

Traditional music sessions, a Setanta Sports talk in LIT Tipperary, A ‘Fleadh agus Fáilte’ Run, family events in The Source Theatre, farmers markets, a special ‘Garth Brooks Experience’ concert, Open Golf Competition and a Céíli Mór with The Annaly Céilí Band are just some of the festival highlights. Free entry to Thurles Dog Track on race nights with a festival programme and special dining and accommodation rates will also be available in the Anner Hotel, Templemore Arms, The Horse and Jockey, Watermill and Supermacs Thurles.

The 4th annual ‘Thurles Sarsfield Festival of Gaelic Sport’ takes place from July 4th – July 12th. For more information and a full programme of events see /


Is there an Old Grey Whistle Test for Writing a Press Release?

PR, Press Release Format

By John Masterson

John Masterson presents The Saturday Brunch and guest hosts The Sue Nunn Show on KCLR96FM. He is also a regular contributor to national radio and a columnist for the Sunday Independent. John is a managing director of Purcell Masterson PR and Communications.

Is there an Old Grey Whistle Test for press releases? Over the years I have written a goodly number of press releases, reviewed ones being developed in Purcell Masterson and been on the receiving end of many when working in television, radio or journalism, all of which form part of my media life.

I always read a press release as if I was about to conduct an interview on the subject, live, and with just a commercial break or long pop song to give me time to decide what to do.

First of all I take in the headline as it directs my thinking and gives a clue as to what my first or last question will be. Then I circle all of the important information. The When, Where, Who, Why etc. and ask myself is there anything crucial I would like to know that is not there.  The one thing you do not want on live radio is to ask a question and get an “I don’t know.”

I look for a quote and think about how to get that quote on air without the person sounding like they are reading it. I check for websites and dates and I know I will probably close the interview with that information.

But most importantly I look for things that will interest the audience, and almost instantly decide that this interview might be worth a few extra minutes, or check what music or other material I have to hand in case it dies.

Everyone in the media thinks of their audience. The most important thing a press release can do is to attract the attention of the appropriate editor / producers who will place the material in the best slot to get your message through to the people who want to know about you.

Read it as if you knew nothing. And ask yourself, would the audience you want to know about the material, be interested. And will the gatekeepers en-route to that audience be sufficiently impressed to pick up the phone to the PR agency rather that use the shredder.

If you enjoyed this article you may also enjoy When to Write a Press Release and When to Pitch.

Kilkenny Man set for D’Big-screen

Kilkenny man, John Masterson, Managing Director of PR and Communications agency Purcell Masterson, is set for the big screen this June. John appears briefly in what is set to be one of the Summer’s biggest blockbusters, Brendan O’Carroll’s ‘Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie’.

TV favorite Brendan O’Carroll arrives onto the big screen in ‘Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie’, which follows matriarch Agnes Brown as she fights to keep her market stall up and running when her livelihood comes under threat as a greedy developer tries to close down her stall. Mrs. Brown teams up with her family and a gang of inept professional help fight for the rights of the Moore Street traders.

John Masterson plays the character of Mack, a ninja tasked with assisting Mrs Brown in the fight to keep her market stall up and running. John attended the premiere of D’Movie in Dublin’s Savoy Theatre on Wednesday, June 25th and the film saw more than 70,000 advance tickets sold throughout the UK and Ireland ahead of its release date, Friday June 27th.

Having filmed in locations throughout Dublin in September 2013, John Masterson is among a host of other well-known names such as Joe Duffy, Simon Delaney and Eamon Holmes to star in the film. John produced the original series of Mrs Brown’s Boy’s.

‘Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie’ is a spin-off of the hugely popular BBC series, which won the BAFTA award for Best Situation Comedy in 2012. The hilarious sitcom has built up an army of fans around the world and its Christmas Special last year racked up 9.4 million viewers for BBC 1.


Purcell Masterson’s Coffee, Cake and Conversation Morning in support of the Cystinosis Foundation Ireland

On Friday, June 20th  Purcell Masterson hosted a Coffee Morning in aid of the Cystinosis Foundation Ireland.

The morning of coffee, cake and conversation proved to be a resounding success which saw over €600.00 raised for the foundation; an all-volunteer, non-profit organisation dedicated to providing services to those affected by a rare genetic condition called, Cystinosis. Over 60 local business people, members of the public and even Kilkenny’s newly elected Mayor Andrew McGuiness dropped by throughout the morning to enjoy some of the delicious baked goods prepared by the Purcell Masterson Office, the Pembroke Hotel and Newslink of Ormonde Street.

Purcell Masterson would like to extend a sincere thanks to all those who attended and generously supported the Cystinosis Foundation whose pioneering work in the field of rare diseases remains largely under the radar.

For more information see